JNLR 2015Q2 National Listenership

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The JNLR 2015Q2 research is now available. The samples and estimated universes have changed little on last year and therefore are no real cause for concern. The survey shows that Radio listenership is up 1% or 25,000 listeners year on year, but that’s just enough to push the radio reach figure up by one percentage point to 84%.

On a year on year basis most of the stations are heading in the right direction. RTE1 was up 14,000 listeners per day, and Newstalk and 2FM each added 36,000 over the year. Today held steady down marginally by 1,000 listeners and Lyric is down 7,000. But looking the same stations on a book on book basis the picture is slightly different.

Table : National Reach
 Year on Year Book On Book
Station15Q2 14Q2 +/-+/- 15Q1+/-+/-
Any Radio84%3007 83%2982 1%25 84%30090%-2
Region/Local/M-City58%2071 57%2054 1%17 58%20780%-7
Any National46%1657 46%1641 0%16 46%16700%-13
Home Local Station42%1521 42%1497 0%24 42%15150%6
Any RTE Radio35%1252 34%1216 1%36 35%12410%11
Any RTE1/2FM/Lyric34%1235 33%1195 1%40 34%12170%18
RTE Radio 124%863 24%849 0%14 23%8431%20
Today FM13%457 13%458 0%-1 13%4760%-19
RTE 2FM11%402 10%366 1%36 11%4000%2
Newstalk11%401 10%365 1%36 11%4040%-3
Regional/Local7%260 7%266 0%-6 8%272-1%-12
RTE Lyric FM4%131 4%138 0%-7 4%1380%-7

RTE1 had a good quarter adding 20,000 and, likewise, 2FM added 2,000. But that’s where the cheer ends with the other stations turning in negative figures. The big faller was Today FM which is down 19,000 or 4% on the quarter, so perhaps a little of the D’Arcy affect kicking in. He left Today FM in December 2014 and the last quarter surveyed would have been surveyed sans D’Arcy – having said that, it’s still a little early to be definite, but signs are that there will be a negative knock-on after his departure.

Even Newstalk, which had been adding listeners every quarter since 2012Q4, finished that run by losing 3,000 souls in 2015Q2 and they were nudged out of third spot this survey by 2FM and by a mere 1,000 listeners. Although there were some highlights in the quarter for them with Hook overtaking Cooper in the evening battles. 


After a bit of bloodletting and some harsh criticism before previous surveys, 2FM may have turned the tide (although Tubridy had a hand in that) in that it’s had five surveys gaining ground – nothing in the ‘stellar’ department in that ground reclaim, more sure and steady. 

There’s more supplementary tables/graphs below pertaining to the reach numbers for those that are that way inclined.

Graphic : National Reach

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Table : Quarterly
Any Radio300784%300984%300684%298683%298283%296983%297283%
Any National165746%167046%164246%163846%164146%161845%163245%
Home Local Station152142%151542%153443%150142%149742%149142%148841%
Any RTE Radio125235%124135%121434%121234%121634%121734%123234%
RTE Radio 186324%84323%83623%83723%84924%84524%84924%
Today FM45713%47613%46013%46313%45813%44212%46113%
RTE 2FM40211%40011%37510%36610%36610%37610%39411%
Regional/Local Station2607%2728%2788%2728%2667%2617%2647%
RTE Lyric FM1314%1384%1374%1424%1384%1284%1274%


The shares rarely throw up anything spectacular, and they don’t disappoint this quarter. On a year on year basis the fallers would be RTE1 and Today FM dropping 0.8% and 1.3% respectively. 2FM and Newstalk both added a half point over the year. On a quarter basis Today also lost out there, dropping 0.7%.

Newstalk stayed as it was and RTE1 grabbed 0.8%. Looking that the survey holistically there may have been a small shift towards ‘local’ with the Regionals and Home locals gaining some share during the year.  

Table : Market Shares
 Year On YearBook on Book
Any Radio100.00%100.00%0.00%100.00%0.00%
Any National45.90%47.10%-1.20%46.20%-0.30%
Any RTE Radio31.50%31.90%-0.40%31.00%0.50%
Any RTE1/2FM/Lyric30.90%31.20%-0.30%30.30%0.60%
RTE Radio 121.90%22.70%-0.80%21.10%0.80%
RTE 2FM7.10%6.60%0.50%7.10%0.00%
RTE Lyric FM1.90%1.80%0.10%2.00%-0.10%
Today FM7.90%9.20%-1.30%8.60%-0.70%
Any Region/Local/M-City54.10%52.90%1.20%53.80%0.30%
Home Local Station39.50%38.40%1.10%38.90%0.60%
Other Regional/Local Station4.40%4.80%-0.40%4.70%-0.30%
Graphic : Market Shares

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Finally the day parts – it’s very much the same at this level every survey showing a dominant national broadcaster.  

 JNLR 2015Q2 Day parts

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