JNLR 2014 Q4 Top Thirty

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And now, in true radio style, it’s the top thirty. Only seven of the nation’s top thirty have put on listeners over the twelve months with the other twenty three dropping listeners. Nine of the top shows are on a Saturday, six on a Sunday and the final fifteen are all weekday programmes.  

There are two new entrants in the shape of Alison Curtis on Today FM and Pat Kenny on Newstalk, bizarrely enough. as he’d only literally warmed the chair at this point last year. The two programmes that lost out and fell from the top thirty are George Hook (-4,000) and Dermot and Dave (-10,000). 

The top ten remained in the top ten in their same pecking order, although all with reduced numbers collectively* shaking off 7% of their listeners. Morning Ireland was still the biggest draw attracting 426,000 listeners but down down 5% in the previous year. Then comes Liveline some 48,000 listeners behind Morning Ireland and attracting 378,000 every day and Marian takes slots three and four. *Mathematically spurious given duplication etc – but still it’s just for affect.   

     2014Q42013Q4Ch ‘000Ch %#’13
1Radio1 W/D07.00-09.00 Morning Ireland426449-23-5.1%1
2Radio1 W/D13.45-15.00 Liveline378399-21-5.3%2
3Radio1 Sat11.00-13.00 Marian Finucane366376-10-2.7%3
4Radio1 Sun11.00-13.00 Marian Finucane351353-2-0.6%4
5Radio1 W/D13.00-13.45 News at One312349-37-10.6%5
6Radio1 W/D10.00-12.00 Sean O’Rourke298327-29-8.9%6
7Radio1 W/D09.00-10.00 John Murray295324-29-9.0%7
8Radio1 Sat10.00-11.00 The Business278322-44-13.7%8
9Radio1 Sat09.00-10.00 Playback259290-31-10.7%9
10Radio1 Sun10.00-11.00 Miriam Meets239261-22-8.4%10
11Radio1 W/D16.30-19.00 Drivetime222242-20-8.3%11
12Today W/D09.00-12.00 The Ray D’Arcy Show215230-15-6.5%13
13Radio1 W/D12.00-13.00 Ronan Collins209230-21-9.1%13
14Radio1 Sat13.00-14.00 Brian Dowling206226-20-8.8%16
15Radio1 Sun09.00-10.00 Sunday Miscellany206241-35-14.5%12
16Radio1 Sat08.00-09.00 Countrywide202228-26-11.4%15
17Radio1 Sun13.00-14.00 This Week1981772111.9%20
18Radio1 W/D15.00-16.30 Mooney193219-26-11.9%17
19Today W/D07.00-09.00 Ian Dempsey187189-2-1.1%18
202FM W/D08.45-11.00*Tubridy1771522516.4%24
21Radio1 Sat14.00-18.00 Sport176185-9-4.9%19
22Radio1 Sun14.00-18.00 Sport17617152.9%21
23Newstalk W/D07.00-10.00 Breakfast1651263931.0%29
24Today W/D16.30-19.00 Matt Cooper154160-6-3.8%23
25Radio1 Sun08.00-09.00 World Report 153161-8-5.0%22
26Newstalk W/D10.00-12.30 Pat Kenny142964647.9%39
272FM W/D11.00-14.00*Nicky Byrne14013464.5%26
28Today Sat08.00-11.00*Alison Curtis135845160.7%43
29Today Sat11.00-14.00 Phil Cawley13513500.0%25
30Today Sat14.00-18.00 Sport132133-1-0.8%27


Looking at those on the margins now we see that the biggest gain was Alison Curtis, per say. The asterisk denotes that because of a time slot change the figures between 2014Q4 and 2013Q4 are not directly comparable. In this case the 8:00-11:00 show is compared to the 10:00-11:00 show in ‘13Q4. Same with Tubridy where a clever 15 minutes was added to the show so it commenced at 8:45 as opposed to 9:00 – which seems to have worked.

# ’14StationDayTimeProgramme2014Q42013Q4Ch ‘000Ch %
28Today Sat08.00-11.00*Alison Curtis135845160.7%
26Newstalk W/D10.00-12.30 Pat Kenny142964647.9%
23Newstalk W/D07.00-10.00 Breakfast1651263931.0%
202FM W/D08.45-11.00*Tubridy1771522516.4%
17Radio1 Sun13.00-14.00 This Week1981772111.9%


Of those who lost out the greatest, all bar none came from Radio 1 and four of them from the weekend schedule and three of them on Saturday. I’m not reading in to much on that – merely highlighting the fact that Saturday 8:00 until 11:00 looks under pressure.    

# ’14StationDayTimeProgramme2014Q42013Q4Ch ‘000Ch %
15Radio1 Sun09.00-10.00 Sunday Miscellany206241-35-14.5%
8Radio1 Sat10.00-11.00 The Business278322-44-13.7%
18Radio1 W/D15.00-16.30 Mooney193219-26-11.9%
16Radio1 Sat08.00-09.00 Countrywide202228-26-11.4%
9Radio1 Sat09.00-10.00 Playback259290-31-10.7%

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