JNLR 2014 Q4 Regional/Local Stations

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To spare a few pixels, I’ll throw the regional stations and locals ones together. The regional stations first: It was fairly steady book on book for most, but on a twelve month basis it’s a little more dramatic as you can see from the table below. The only station to lose ground since the survey in 2013Q4 was iRadioNW dropping 2%, but did hold steady book on book.   

With the exception of iRadioNE all the other regional stations are second only to their home local competition and in front of Radio1. It’s not always been the case as the charts below will testify with most stations only edging ahead of Radio1 in the last few books and Spin SW getting ahead of Radion1 in this survey for the first time since 2012Q3. So the regional stations are definitely putting pressure on Radio1 but are still a good distance from the home local stations

Region2013Q42014Q4+/-Cha %
iRadio NE821001822%
iRadio NW121118-3-2%
Beat 1029099910%
Spin SW75901520%



Home Local Stations

You can see from the chart below that the home local stations are holding their own against the nationals, but still not managing to get ahead of them in most areas. Actually, only five of the franchises can boast more listeners than any of the nationals combined.  

home local

There is very little to add to the tables below. 2012Q4 is there for reference only and is not used in the comparisons – thus it’s greyed out. 

StationRegion2014Q42013Q42012Q4+/-Ch %
Highland Radio Nth Donegal6262%6665%6665%-4-6%
Mid West Radio Mayo6162%6160%6059%00%
Radio Kerry Kerry6354%5951%5850%47%
Ocean FM Donegal/Leit3644%3948%4150%-3-8%
Tipp FM Tipperary4536%4738%6048%-2-4%
Clare FM Clare4247%4145%4347%12%
WLR FM Waterford4245%4246%4146%00%
Galway Bay FM Galway6835%6332%8845%58%
Limerick’s Live 95FM Limerick6040%6945%6744%-9-13%
Shannon/Northern  RN/LD/LM/CN/MN8644%8442%8443%22%
South East Radio Wexford4640%4136%4439%512%
KCLR 96FM Kilk/Carlow4740%4134%4337%615%
Midlands 103FM Laois/Off/WM6434%6936%7037%-5-7%
East Coast FM Wicklow3532%3129%2826%413%
LM FM Louth/Meath6227%5122%5925%1122%
K FMKildare3723%3723%3723%00%

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