Sunday World avoids the Super Injunction

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The Sunday World got a bit of a scoop yesterday and named two actors who were allegedly having an affair, both of whom were married. Whilst the media in the UK were gagged reporting this dalliance because of a “super injunction”, it did not apply to the Sunday World as the injunction was in the UK only.

And, as were are Citizens and not Subjects, the actors referred to in the story were Pauline McLynn and her co-star David Threlfall.

There is perhaps a bit of a grey area here. The Sunday World did not publish that story online and many of the media reporting on the fact that the World had outed the actors did not mention the two individuals online either.

This is the second week in a row where a paper has had a front page related to the super injunction. Considering that there are supposedly 80 super-injunctions knocking about the UK it’s a lot of front page fodder out there for the Irish media if they could find a way to publish them and, naturally, if they were of any interest to the readers  

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