Sunday Times and Dunnes Stores

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From an ugly but effective full page ad carried in the Sunday Times on Sunday, it looks like war has broken out between the Dunnes Stores and News International.

The ad stated that The Sunday Times, News of the World and The Sun would no longer be available in Dunnes Stores and the full page furnished a list of retailers in close proximity to Dunnes Stored outlets that would still be carrying those papers.

Dunnes, as only they can, have decided to stop stocking ‘the majority of Daily newspapers’ The Mail , Irish Times, Daily Mirror also falling fowl of some whim or another in the glass palace in Stephens Street.

Dunnes Stores have in the past looked for their own terms and conditions from certain newspaper groups as opposed to industry wide terms standard for other retailers.

Perhaps the new strap line should be: “The difference is, we don’t stock newspapers”

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