Sun On Sunday Launch

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There would have been quite a few of the publishing groups caught on the hop by News internationals statement that it was to go to a seven day edition starting this Sunday. Many observers on Friday were pencilling in mid April for the launch after Rupert Murdoch suggested that Sunday title would launch ‘soon’.

We now know the time frame attached to ‘soon’ in the world of Rupert Murdoch. So, one can assume that the Sunday Sun will have an Irish cousin and if so, which one of the current titles will have to give way?

The figures would suggest that the old News of the World purchasers went over to The Sunday Mirror, Sunday People and the Daily Star on Sunday in the main. After six months of sampling these papers, it may be difficult to prize them away from their new titles. But there are another group who would be particularly difficult to lure to the Sunday on Sun – the once purchasers of the NoW who now either don’t buy a Sunday at all or the ones that bought two papers (including the NoW) who took the opportunity to drop back to buying only one paper on a Sunday.

Either way, we’ll have an early indication in March when the ABC are released, but it as there will only be one audited Sunday for the SoS (the papers acronym has it doomed already!) in that report and it’s the launch week, so a fairer picture would be in April

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 23 Feb:

This topic is due an update and, rather than start a new post I’ll simply make an addendum – but I’ll put a date  this time – as I don’t want to be in receipt of ‘letters’ for not doing so (long and legal story!).

The Sun on Sunday it will not be – it will simply be The Sun. Same masthead etc. Murdoch insists that it’s a seven day publication and will be priced at 50p as an opening salvo.  

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