Scottish Herald outs Imogen Thomas Super Injunction

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All things considered the footballer in question was quick (and wealthy) enough to wrap up a person and a paper, The Sun, in a super injunction in England, but wasn’t cleaver enough to extend that to their near neighbours, Scotland. I have a look at some articles and was unable to see if the injunction stretched to Wales, which would have been interesting.   

So the Sunday Herald in Scotland decided to “publish and be dammed”. It’s a great coup for them and perfectly legal. The tactic is a bit like a monkey trap and something that our own Oscar Wilde got snared in. The only recourse the footballer has is to sue the paper for slander and thus expose himself (oh, a pun) to the full rigors of Scottish law, something completely different to English law.

The super injunction in some respects is necessary if the topic is not of public interest. However its completely in the preserve of the wealthy. No Super injunctions have been granted to people on Legal aid!


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