Regional Newspapers ABC Circulation July-Dec 2012

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The decline in the number of Regional Papers being part of the ABC process is falling at a pace. Two years ago there were nearly 45 papers (paid for) certified by the ABC, now only 24 decide to confess annually or bi-annually.

The only papers to record an increase are the Echo in Dublin and the Donegal News Monday edition. Monday edition.. most likely still living off the special edition the Monday after the All Ireland Final in September. I don’t joke, sales up 25% in September for the Monday edition of the News!

Elsewhere in the parishes things are bleak, as bleak as they are nationally. They collectively are down 8% – mirroring the national picture. The big faller is the Leinster and Offaly Express but that because of the closure of one of the titles and the comparison is unkind at best.

Other than that, there is little to report.  

Paper201220112010200912 V 11
Clare Champion15,74216,69117,969
Connacht Sentinel4,8725,2415,349
Connacht Tribune20,70221,86023,279
Donegal Democrat (Thurs)7,6849,19110,38511,120-16%
Donegal Democrat (Tues)5,8556,6187,6508,009-12%
Donegal News Friday10,86111,18611,43611,465-3%
Donegal News Monday4,2214,0444,1323,8334%
Inish Times4,4464,8735,2695,399-9%
Kilkenny People10,59111,53612,98314,458-8%
Leinster & Offaly Express8,23511,07012,54914,131-26%
Leinster Leader5,7386,4977,4829,238-12%
Leitrim Observer6,2736,8937,4878,038-9%
Limerick Leader (Weekend)13,42014,85116,53517,921-10%
Longford Leader7,1677,6848,2608,527-7%
Meath Chronicle10,37310,86212,17112,704-5%
Munster Express5,3896,2867,520
Nationalist & Munster Ad8,7839,38211,08712,063-6%
Nenagh Guardian6,5026,9287,3647,817-6%
Roscommon Herald8,0538,6718,6638,410-7%
The Anglo Celt11,91112,31012,88513,305-3%
The Echo (Tallaght )7,4917,2107,1254%
The Tuam Herald8,2018,4828,8839,215-3%
Tipperary Star6,6397,1157,8988,335-7%
Western People13,23614,16615,06216,271-7%
Westmeath Examiner5,7996,1837,010
Total (like for like)165,680179,569195,306200,259-8%