Newspapers ABC Circulation July-Dec 2012

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Before we get into each specific market it’s worth looking at the big picture. The market as a whole is down 6% with the morning and evenings falling by 7% in the year.

The market has lost 100,000 copy sales in a short twelve month period and you can see from the graphics below that there seems to be no respite in this decline. Although the rate of decline has slowed it’s still a breakneck -6.3% per annum.

These are alarming figures and this position hasn’t been reached overnight – it’s been happening since the middle of the last decade. The writing has been on the wall for years but where’s the innovation in the industry? There seems to be a cohort there hanging for dear life on to the printed word while other groups are taking a lead, Pearson for example – their mantra these days is digital first. newspaper market 000

Market JD 2012 JD 2011 Diff ‘000 Diff %
Total Sunday 865,221 920,198 -54,977 -6%
Total Morning 513,896 552,274 -38,378 -7%
Total Evening 75,386 81,046 -5,660 -7%
Total Market 1,454,503 1,553,518 -99,015 -6%

Just like the floppy disk, newspapers will be superseded by a more innovative forms of disseminating information, that’s a given. It only a matter of who gets left behind.  

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