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Its a pity we are not privy to statistics like these and timely ones as well. Our print friends across the pond have released their year on web stats for April. The figures apply to “total unique users/browsers for the month” for each digital title and is conducted by the ABC. I just thought it was worth throwing them up to see what the trend was …… anyone.? !

  April ’09 April ’08 +/-
Online MailOnline  23,153,003 18,039,943 28%
Online  27,324,309 18,546,017 47%
Online The Independent  10,432,660 6,393,022 63%
Online Mirror Group Digital  8,596,963 4,277,502 101%
Online The Sun  20,567,178 14,068,523 46%
Online Times Online  21,585,569 15,406,254 40%
Online Telegraph  23,875,251 18,646,112 28%

In droves people are flocking to online news gatherers. Plenty of reasons for that. Most of the websites have become fairly dynamic publishing throughout the day (not breaking news only – God forbid). I’ve be intrigued to see the browser shift. Personally I’d say that they are experiencing a serious move towards the handset and something worth keeping an eye on.

The FT does get audited and has about 7m  unique a month. But in the words of the FT:

We’re trying not to get involved in a chest beating competition about numbers. The FT proposition is about quality not quantity

and revenue from online subscriptions.

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