Legal threats over Guido Fawkes Blog

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There’s a very interesting spat happening as I type. I hasten to add I type from the Republic of Ireland and on servers hosted in Ireland (it makes sense if you read on).

There is a current injunction against the Sun and Sunday Sun in England and Wales effectively gagging them from reporting that a celebrity husband was involved in a threesome. Fair enough some might say, I’ll stick to the old adage that “three’s a crowd” – but there you have it!

OliveThe basis of the injunction is that the story, if published, would damage the married couple’s kids should they learn all the details. A thin vial, I suggest, to protect the bairns from hearing that the “Aul Lad” was participating in a little bit of ‘olive oil wrestling’ – all very Greco/Roman.

But back to the media: The Irish Independent are reporting (at 12:45pm 14/04) that an ‘Irish Based Blogger’ has been threatened with legal action after he furnished details of the tryst on his site. The mystery blogger, they report, responded with a kind of “P.F.O.” maintaining that his site is hosted in the States and written here in the Republic – and therefore doesn’t fall under the gagging injunction.

The ‘mystery blogger’ is Guido Fawkes and his article on the subject of this legal threat and further the details of that slippery tripartite agreement, should you wish to read it, is here.

Full marks to the Irish Times for stating this morning that the blogger was Guido Fawkes and that they didn’t feel they should add another layer of intrigue to the story unlike the Irish Independent.

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