JNLR Radio Listenership 2017 Q4

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The quarterly JNLR was released today and it shows that radio listenership remained static at 83%. Radio listenership in the capital stands at 78% which, although below the levels found nationally, it represents a third quarterly rise in listenership up from 75% at the start of the year.

RTE1 suffered its first decline since 2016Q1 down one point to 23%. Both Newstalk and TodayFM each lost a point down to 10% each. 2FM is now second to RTE1 at 11% having had a static book. Considering it was at 9% in 2016Q3 (and taking flack) it’s not a bad result.

Any Radio83%83%81%0%2%
RTE Radio 123%24%24%-1%-1%
RTE 2FM11%11%10%0%1%
RTE Lyric FM4%4%4%0%0%
Today FM10%11%11%-1%-1%

over 17 4

nat 17 4




Radio Station2017Q42017Q3+/-2016Q4+/-
Any Radio78%77%1%76%2%
RTE Radio 128%28%0%28%0%
FM 10417%17%0%16%1%
Spin 103814%13%1%12%2%
Sunshine 106.87%6%1%5%2%
RTE 2FM6%6%0%5%1%
Today FM6%6%0%7%-1%
Radio Nova 100FM6%5%1%5%1%
RTE Lyric FM5%5%0%5%0%
Classic Hits 4FM3%3%0%2%1%

dublin q 1

dublin q 2


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