JNLR 2017Q3

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The quarterly results for the JNLR have been released and must bring come comfort to the radio sector. Radio listenership was up one point to 83%, back to where it was at the beginning of 2016. A driver in that growth was an increase in radio listenership in Dublin from 75% to 77% over the quarter.

On the back of this increased radio popularity the stations fared well over the year. 2FM managed a two point increase on the same period last year and it brings them back to their 2015 levels. After all the tinkering that the station has been through the ‘win’ is a small vindication of the changes.


 Year On YearBook on Book
Any Radio83%82%1%82%1%
RTE Radio 124%24%0%24%0%
RTE 2FM11%9%2%10%1%
Today FM11%11%0%10%1%
RTE Lyric FM4%4%0%4%0%



nat all


In the Dublin franchise, nothing really happened! Radio increased by two points, but it’s not really reflected in the radio figures with only six movers. Radio One dropped a point in the capital while 104, Spin, 2FM and Sunshine all moved up a point.

 Year On Year Book on Book
Any Radio77%77%0%75%0%
RTE Radio 128%28%0%29%0%
FM 10417%17%0%16%0%
Spin 103813%13%0%12%-1%
Today FM6%8%-2%6%0%
RTE 2FM6%5%1%5%0%
RTE Lyric FM5%5%0%5%0%
Radio Nova 100FM5%5%0%5%0%
Sunshine 106.86%5%1%5%0%
Classic Hits 4FM3%3%0%3%1%

 dub a

 dub b

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