JNLR 2016Q3 National Listenership

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Without sounding the alarm bells, the first notable in the research this quarter was another fall in the overall radio listenership figure, to 82% or 2,977,000 people every day.

It dropped 27,000 on the year and 15,000 on the previous book. It’s still a very healthy figure and better than some of the other media stats facing a constant barrage of disruption, but the trend is most definitely downward and has been since around 2010.

The different stations have had varying degrees of success/failure. RTE1 had good quarter adding 4,000 on the previous book and 12,000 on the year leaving them at 880,000 (24%). Today FM dropped 13,000 (-3%) on the book and 56,000 (-13%) on the year. It leaves them sub 400k at 397,000 and an 11% reach (the percentage down from 13% last year).

Newstalk was in a similar position dropping 13,000 (-3%) on the book and 35,000 (-9%) on the year arriving to 367,000 (10%). For 2FM it’s yet another bloodletting with this book. Down 9,000 on the last book and 59,000 (-15%) on the year nothing in the revised schedule seems to be working. When you get to the individual slots you’ll see that some of the programming is simply not working with listeners abandoning them in their droves.

2FM dropped their listenership into single digits at 9% and are now the 4th most popular national station, out of the five on offer. It’s the first time ever they dropped into single digits and you can see from the graphics below that the trend looks set to continue.

Lyric were down 3% on the book but were 2,000 better than this time last year.


Graphic: Radio Listenership


It’s worth superimposing the Dublin radio reach on the National figure as it constitutes about 27% of the overall. You can see that the Dublin reach is falling at a much faster rate and has to be affecting the national figure.

Table : Radio Reach

 Year on YearBook On Book
Station2016Q3 2015Q3 +/-+/-Ch2016Q2+/-+/-Ch
Any Radio82%2977 83%3004 -1%-27-1%83%2992-1%-150%
Any National44%1599 46%1652 -2%-53-3%44%16070%-80%
RTE Radio 124%880 24%868 0%121%24%8760%40%
Today FM11%397 13%453 -2%-56-12%11%4100%-13-3%
Newstalk10%367 11%402 -1%-35-9%11%380-1%-13-3%
RTE 2FM9%335 11%394 -2%-59-15%10%344-1%-9-2%
RTE Lyric FM4%136 4%134 0%21%4%1400%-4-3%

 Graphic: Gains/Falls

winner loos

Graphics: National Reach

Nat reach thou

Nat reach per


Table: National Shares

Station16Q315Q316Q2+/- YoY+/- BoB
Any Radio100.0%100.0%100.0%0.0%0.0%
RTE Radio 123.8%22.3%23.6%1.5%0.2%
RTE 2FM5.8%6.8%6.0%-1.0%-0.2%
RTE Lyric FM2.0%1.9%2.1%0.1%-0.1%
Today FM7.5%7.9%7.7%-0.4%-0.2%

The share show little bar that RTE1 gained 1.5% over the year and 2FM lost1%

Graphics: Day Parts



18 23

q hours

Radio Decline

Just a quick look at the demographics at three year intervals. It charts the fall of Radio listenership scrutinised by demographics. It clearly shows that the younger cohort is moving away from radio rather rapidly.

nat aud

Dub aud

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