JNLR 2016Q3 Cork Listenership

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Overall Cork listenership dropped marginally to 82% or 341,000 down 2,000. There were some small increases for Red FM, small in comparison to some of the gains it made in previous surveys. They now reach 29% of their franchise with 120,000 listeners.

96FM slipped back by 2,000 to 109,000 and they are now being actively chased for second spot by RTE1 who had a good book adding 8% to their listenership in the region. RTE1 finished at 106,000 only 3,000 behind 96FM.

C103, still a way back added 3,000 on the book to 73,000 and Today FM lost 8% of their listeners down and to 44,000. For all the effort Newstalk make in the region its seems to be a slow burn, down 2,000 on the book and 9,000 on the year sharing the slot with 4FM at 39,000

Table: Cork Listenership

Any Radio34182%34383%34082%-2-1%10%
Any National18344%17141%18144%123%20%
Red FM12029%12530%11828%-5-1%21%
96 FM10926%11428%11127%-5-2%-2-1%
Radio 110626%9322%9924%134%72%
Today FM4411%5012%4812%-6-1%-4-1%
4 FM399%4210%399%-3-1%00%
Lyric FM184%174%195%10%-1-1%

Graphic: Cork Reach

cork 16Q3

Table: Individual Programming

Strikes me as a particularly Machiavellian parish to work in, what with all the desertions and the knives (metaphoric) being drawn most of the time! Book on Book Red FM did very well in the early part of the day adding to both Prendeville and KC. C103 did well adding to the latter half of their day. 

C10316Q316Q2+/- ‘000+/- %
Music Breakfast3032-2-6%
Cork Today474612%
C103 Drivetime272528%
96FM16Q316Q2+/- ‘000+/- %
Nick Richards4142-1-2%
The Opinion Line6061-1-2%
Ken Tobin5153-2-4%
Big Drive Home333213%
Red FM16Q316Q2+/- ‘000+/- %
The KC Show4336719%
Neil Prendeville6455916%
Red Hits545224%
Dave Mac’s Drive484624%

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