Irish Newspaper Circulation revenues

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As it a calendar year it a good time to look at over numbers – but the ones that count – €’s. Looking at the circulation figures and the cover price of the respective papers – we can see the how the shift in numbers affects the top-line. There are a few caveats to this analysis. It’s the difference in average circulation between the first half and second half of the year, it’s the December cover price that’s used and a title with different cover price at the weekend – the week day cover price was used (normally the lesser). In the morning market the tabloids took the brunt of the blow accounting for about 70% of the decline. €6.5 was taken out of the market. That’s not €6.5m from the publishers – they would net about half of a titles revenue. There are plenty of mouths in that food chain – retailers, wholesalers, VAT etc. In the Sunday market – we’ll begin by ignoring the figures for the Sunday Mail. Again the tabloids are back a good bit and the market declined by nearly 18,000 copies. €8.2m was lost in this market on average throughout 2009.

TitleTotalAve DiffCost
Daily Mirror€19,647,940-1551-€483,964
Daily Record€369,564-1558-€486,148
Irish Daily Star€42,652,064-5234-€2,285,993
The Sun€28,533,180-5231-€1,632,020
Daily Express€788,736112€26,130
Irish Daily Mail€15,304,328-3175-€990,444
The Daily Telegraph€1,127,942-175-€65,645
Financial Times€2,929,420-396-€308,750
The Guardian€1,302,964-348-€108,472
The Independent€399,152-625-€195,000
The Times€818,558-162-€47,967
Morning Market€113,873,848-18342-€6,578,273
Daily Star – Sunday€6,298,510-2012-€219,692
News of the World€9,640,528-1752-€127,533
Sunday Mail€227,643-4303-€335,608
Sunday Mirror€2,680,486-567-€38,318
The People€1,485,792-2614-€176,695
Sunday Express€334,880-83-€6,006
Sunday Post€58,046-19-€1,273
The Mail on Sunday€11,721,875-1537-€159,796
Independent on Sunday€171,467-231-€22,806
The Observer€1,117,084-952-€113,819
The Sunday Telegraph€269,880-176-€18,269
The Sunday Times€14,829,577-2696-€350,480
Racing Post€954,612-723-€93,990
Sunday Market€49,790,380-17662-€1,664,287
Total Market€163,664,228-36004-€8,242,560