Half price for the Sun

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As of May 28 the Sun and Sunday Sun will be €0.50 – but just for the duration of the Euros – effectively all of June and about half of July.

Half their normal price in the republic (Normally €1.00) they have gone for a more complex pricing structure on Northern Ireland where the promotion is running as well.

It will be 25p Monday to Friday (from 50p), 35p on Saturday (again from 50p) and 50p on Sunday (from 70p).

It’s noteworthy in that it’s the first time in a while that pricing has been used as a stick to beat rival publishers and to lure in sales.

The ‘cost’, wherever it’s borne, will be significant. The revenue forsaken in a six week promotion of this type will top €1.2m at the till. How that’s split between the retailer and News Int. is anyone’s guess but it’s still a costly exercise.

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