Evening Newspaper Circulation 2009

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At a point where there are two non-competing papers in a ‘market’ – it’s difficult to describe such a scenario as a ‘Market’ at all.

Publication July Dec 2008 July Dec 2009 Diff ‘000 Diff %
Evening Herald 79,447 71,187 -8,260 -10%
Echo 25,829 24,192 -1,637 -6%
Total  105,276 95,379 -9,897 -9%

The Evening Market is back nearly 10,000 copies. The Herald fell 10% or 8,200 copies and the Echo down 6% or 1,600 copies.

The Herald tried at least to make an impact in its franchise region, even metaphorically slipping under the covers with Leinster Rugby. While the rugby teams had a stellar year in 2009 the same could not be said for the Evening newspaper.  The paper is the ‘Official Media Partner’ to Leinster Rugby and that means …. no one really knows.

One thing we do know, this ‘market’ is a busted flush at this point.

If the market was an “honourable” samurai general, it would have committed Harakiri at this point, knowing that to continue would be futile.

This is not K2 in profile:


With “Ole’s”, saved penalties and hangovers all round, the market was worth 230,000 copies per evening in 1990.  The dip in 1995 is the demise of the Evening Press. The total market now is the same number of copies the the Evening Press alone sold in 1990.