Another Superinjunction? MKII

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I have every sympathy for the guy, who has, must, remain nameless. On the basis that there is an on-going legal wrangle and the fact that I was on the receiving end of some “correspondence” from his “advisors”, I’ll tread lightly. Not because of the correspondence (which, by the way, was replied to and legalled from this end), but more to respect the on-going case and, in a strange way, for the individual concerned.

I am slightly bemused buy the articles that appeared in both the Times and Independent today regarding what can now only be described as ‘Taxigate’. Both articles kicked off with:

“AN internet video clip falsely accusing a student of taxi fare evasion “

I beg to differ, a silent movie is positively not an accusation of an unnamed individual.

What’s trying to be accomplished here – the eradication of the clip completely?

And, before I receive the same level of correspondence, I fully agree that any page that attempts to implicate a student in a north Dublin college with the clip, should be censured.

However, trying to erase the clip off the face of the web is, well wrong and I think futle.

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