ABC Jan June 2013

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The ABC Island of Ireland report was published today finally detailing the state of the newspaper market. It shows that all of the markets declined in the past twelve months. Sundays are down 9% to 834,000, mornings down 7% to 495,000 and Evenings back 6% to 73,000.    

Whereas the rate of decline had been lessening in the last few reports, this one reverses that trend with all markets showing a greater percentage drop than recent reports. 

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MarketJJ 2013JJ 20122Diff ‘000Diff %
Total Sunday834,374915,575-81,201-9%
Total Morning495,873534,336-38,463-7%
Total Evening73,94278,735-4,793-6%
Total Market1,404,1891,528,646-124,456-8%


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