ABC Jan June 2013 Evening Newspapers

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I stuck to my guns on this one and shepherded the Evening Herald into the ‘Evening Market’. I appreciate that it now appears early morning but I’d hate to break with tradition.

As normal there’s little to say about the evening figures. The Echo is down 2,000 copies or 12%, close to the drop of its morning stalemate. The Herald is down 4% or 2,600 copies which may raise an eyebrow or two. Given all the fanfare of its move to a hybrid morning/evening publication, one has to ask if it was worth it. Graphically one could say perhaps initially, but it looks as if it’s loosing traction.    

Publication JJ 2013 JJ 2012 Diff ‘000 Diff %
Evening Herald   58,545 61,179 -2,634 -4%
Echo 15,397 17,556 -2,159 -12%
Total  73,942 78,735 -4,793 -6%


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