ABC Circulation Jan June 2015 – revised!

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Clarity:  Now, I’ve had to amend this on the back of the numbers for the Independent coming to light. I got a call at 3:30 and the cert is there – now. Their cert was not there this morning or even at lunchtime so I can’t understand what the delay was, and, given the amount of times the Independent IP address appeared in this sites analytics this morning/afternoon – I can’t understand why it was not clarified. Furthermore, two emails remain unanswered from this morning – which would have shed light some of the going’s on.  

Sunday Market:

Note: If it doesn’t rain…. earlier version I compared the News trade 2015 number to the total sale last year for the The Sunday Independent – it’s actually down is down 3% to 213,000. The magic of 94% actively purchasing their title and 6% multiple copy sales keeps them up above the 210,000 plateau this time out. The Sunday World fell sharper, down 10% to 178,000 and there’s no corrective surgery on the number with 100% actively purchased. The Sunday Business Post did better than the market with a 4.5% drop to 32,000 and a marginal increase in multiple copy sales.

The Tabloids are down below the market drop with the Daily Star Sunday dropping 19%, but as they make little or no effort in the Irish Market, this is to be expected. The Sun on Sunday, although falling, is doing ‘better’ than the market as a whole only dropping 4%. On the other hand the Sunday Mirror dropped 14% over the year to 30,000. I think The People have given up and are back 18% in the year.

The Mail on Sunday shows a decrease of 9,000 or 10%, but their circulation is volatile on the back of multiple copy sales and promotions.

Table: Sunday ABC Circulation 2015 Jan-June

PublicationJJ 2015JJ 2014Diff ‘000Diff %
Sunday Independent 213,549220,565-7,016-3%
Sunday World178,867198,260-19,393-10%
Sunday Business Post32,49834,012-1,514-4%
Daily Star Sunday16,13819,877-3,739-19%
The Sun (Sunday)53,04755,417-2,370-4%
Irish Sunday Mirror30,58635,467-4,881-14%
The People11,34013,759-2,419-18%
(Total Tabloid)289,978322,780-32,802-10%
Sunday Express3,1653,486-321-9%
Mail on Sunday90,399100,082-9,683-10%
Independent.on Sunday    
The Observer4,8605,319-459-9%
Sunday Telegraph2,2742,528-254-10%
Sunday Times82,74891,841-9,093-10%
Total Sunday719,471780,613-61,142-8%

The Sunday Times is also back 10% to 82,000. It has to be remembered that during the year they had a price increase from €2:80 to €3:00 which, although still the right side of a bad price point, may have had a negative effect on sales. The price increase, in overall revenue terms, is marginally working in their favor at this point by about 3% I’d estimate.

The rest of the papers are small in number and have little impact on the market.

The Sunday market is down 8% on the year and the more alarming metric would be the rate of change graph below which shows a reversal for fortunes.

Graphics: Sunday Market

sunday market 2015jj

sunday sales


Morning Market

A cert was finally released for the Irish Independent and they stand at 109,000 a drop of 2.5% on the year. In that figure is 85% actively purchased down from 87% last year – so proportionally there’s a greater reliance on the Multiple copies sales in this period.   

The Irish Times is down 5% to 76,194 dropping below the eighty mark but is on par with the market which showed a 5% fall. Their actively purchased dropped over the year from 89% to 88%.

The Examiner too is back 5% to 33,000 and they have an insignificant number of bulks and multiple copy sales.

Like the Sunday Market the Tabloids suffered more that the morning market. Collectively they are down 8% with The Daily Mirror dropping 14% to 43,000. The Sun and Daily Star are down 5% each with The Sun marginally ahead of The Star.

The Daily Mail is doing better than the market down 1% and, again, the other papers are small in terms of numbers. 

Table: Morning Market Sales 2015 Jan-June 

PublicationJJ 2015JJ 2014Diff ‘000Diff %
Irish Independent109,524112,383-2,859-2.5%
Irish Times76,19480,332-4,138-5.2%
Daily Mirror43,25050,263-7,013-14.0%
Irish Daily Star57,65860,998-3,340-5.5%
The Sun57,70260,711-3,009-5.0%
Daily Express2,5882,785-197-7.1%
Irish Daily Mail49,87650,503-627-1.2%
Daily Telegraph2,6122,726-114-4.2%
Financial Times2,3712,462-91-3.7%
The Times2,3482,1821667.6%


Graphics: Morning Market

morning market

total market

rate of change