€1 Irish Independent

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For the last two Mondays, the Irish Independent has dropped its price from the normal €1.90 to €1, practically half price. It’s a fairly drastic move and one that it would have been loath to do in the past leaving to price weapon to the Tabloids.

Financial Times


Irish Times


The Examiner


Daily Star


Daily Record


The Daily Telegraph


Daily Mail


Daily Mirror


The Guardian


The Independent


The Sun


Irish Independent


The Times


Daily Express




You can see for the table above that there are only three papers less expensive than them on a Monday.

At the time of writhing, they had dropped their price for a second Monday to €1 One would have to wonder how many Mondays will they keep this up as the day should be a decent enough day for sales with all the sports coverage from the weekend.

I also know that they maintained the retailers margin, based on the €1.90 price so the coffers will be pretty bare on Tuesday morning!


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