Some Newspaper Sales update

A few crumbs of information fell off the table of independent news and media on via the Sunday Business Post last week. In an interview with Chief Executive Peter Vandermeersch, he indicated current circulation for a number of his titles. IN+M left the ABC audit process in 2018 and, since then, there have been little or no indications of circulation numbers for their titles. It shows that over the intervening five years (’18 to ’23) the Sunday Independent and the Sunday World have declined by 13% per annum and the Irish Independent has declined at a much higher rate of

Irish Newspaper Circulation April 22

With only five papers reporting in the morning and the same quantity in the Sunday, I’d strongly suggest that the ABC metric is on its last legs. It doesn’t really give any indication as to what’s really happening in the market – but if the drops shown here are anything to go by, it’s not good.