RTE Web Statistics

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I am waiting (hopefully) for a release of the RTE audited figures for their website which should be released around now; I thought I reflect on some of the recent goings on from their previous website stats.  

Firstly it’s noteworthy that there had been a substantial increase, between October and May in the number of visitors to RTE sites via their unique ‘app’ – up from 18% to 27% of total visitors. But the app visitors seem to have a fairly ferocious appetite for data. They accounted for a quarter of the visitors but for nearly half the total page impressions.

Given the data presented for the daily traffic, those visiting through an app would call, on average, sixteen pages, those not on an app, would call usually seven.

But to further confuse the issue, the app – is strictly that. It’s not a loose moniker for pages viewed on mobile device – it’s strictly pages viewed through the app. If you’re on a mobile device and don’t have the app installed, then you (should be) redirected to “m.rte.ie” whose data falls under the “Total Web Browsers”.

It’s a pity there is not a mobile/non-mobile split.    

Serverd: Daily May 2012 % Daily October 2011
Total Browsers  415,808 100% 419,054 100%
Total Page Impressions 3,780,803 100% 3,978,646 100%
Pages Per Browser 9 9
Total Web Browsers  304,834 73% 342,538 82%
Total Web Page Impressions 2,031,837 54% 2,457,386 62%
Pages Per Browser 7 7
Total App Browsers  110,974 27% 76,516 18%
Total App Page Impressions 1,748,966 46% 1,521,260 38%
Pages Per Browser 16 20