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I have a real issue with Twitter in the respect that it’s hyped as ‘the next big thing’. This ‘other’ next big thing is without a sustainable (or any) business model, cash or purpose, bar celebrity voyeurism. This week has shown the application to be multi faceted. On one hand the world was kept abreast of activities in Iraq through the site. On the other, we had femme fatales spewing more bile about each other via the site too: clip_image002 Whilst its ability to inform the world in real time has to be applauded, I feel that it is increasingly becoming the preserve of ‘the shallow end of the gene pool’. But the race to the bottom has really begun. Two freshman students have managed to sell the book rights to Twitterature.  A new book with a mission in life to distil the worlds greats literary works – into ‘Twenty Tweets or Less’. And, in my humble opinion, that about sums up the site – inane. They profess at the book will be:

the birthday, Christmas, Hanukah, and 4th of July gift for every hip young person between the ages of 18 and 35 in this country

Perhaps someone in Penguin Books, who bought the rights, might re-sit that urine test. The only ray of light in learning this particularly sad bit of information was its coverage in the Guardian. But what’s unfortunately missing in the on line edition was the cracking print headline to the story where they attempted to apply Twitterature to Ulysses – ‘Man Tours Dublin’.