Mobile Sites for Newspapers

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In the last ground of electronic ABC figures there were some extra interesting stats furnished by the Guardian. They launched a mobile site earlier this year and they gave a first look at some of the data.  Overall they had 27,324,309 unique users to its site in April – making it the most visited site out of all the UK morning papers.


But the mobile site attracted 101,000 and 2.1m page impressions during the month. More interestingly, two thirds of that traffic came from either an iPhone or iPod Touch. “The Web” seems to feature very high on the agenda of Apple disciples. Figures released by AdMob showed that, from their tracking, that although Symbian have a 52% market share of handsets worldwide the operating system only accounts for 7% of HTML mobile usage.


The iPhone users as a group have a much greater propensity to use the web. Perhaps those that want to use the web via a handset have simply gravitated to that mobile device. But it’s some good news for publishers as that are seeing declines their traditional media, maybe mobile apps would be worth a look.