Mobile Retail and m-commerce.

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Some interesting stats and facts have come to light this month – in this instance concerning the rise and rise of m-commerce.

In a report conducted by Tamar (UK Based Research) suggest that 19% of consumers will do their festive shopping via a mobile handset in 2010. I’d hazard a guess that there are also a huge number of individuals that will conduct their primary research on a mobile but might leave the “last mile” to be concluded elsewhere for a variety of reasons (some set out below).

Tesco in the UK expect 10% of their sales will come through a mobile. Understandable as Tesco customers would already have their details registered and it’s simply a matter of signing in and doing the weekly shopping when you’re getting the evening tube to Tooting Broadway. And that seems to be key – the convenience and safety of having your details already gathered and stored on a retailers site.

The survey suggested that many more would go the m-commerce route if their fears over security were allayed. There is also the logistical issue, and again, the security aspect of using a credit card in a public place. Then there’s the physical and mental anguish of attempting to key in a 12 digit credit card number (and all the other relevant paraphernalia that goes with it) on, say, public transport. If you don’t have the digits and dexterity of a seamstress, then the last mile is best conducted elsewhere.

In the UK 54% of the top 20 retail sites had either a mobile app or a dedicated mobile web portal. But it still leaves nearly half that have neither. In those that had not yet adopted the m-way were some glairing exceptions that have no mobile offering–, Currys, HMV, Comet and Carphone Warehouse, to name a few. One would have thought that some of those would have been beneficiaries of the m-commerce solution.

There’s no doubt that the mobile devices will begin to dominate the web and that companies will have to gear up to transacting via mobile.