Mobile and Radio Promotion make a good fit.

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Here’s a really good example of merging mediums, there are plenty, but I liked this one for its simplicity and a small bit of ‘wonder would that happen here?’ A Taco chain in Florida Taco Maker reported a 21% increase in Q1 sales, crediting a promotion it ran between radio advertising and mobile handsets for the increase. I don’t think there are many companies that can boast a 21% increase in sales, let alone double digit in Q1.

They developed a new character called Juan Maker, and Mexican-American character that made radio appearances to chat about his freebies. These were recorded live and during the interview Juan offered listeners the chance to get a 1lb burrito, free, if they sent a text as requested by that particular interview** Participating hungry Florida residents on receipt of same would then present that text (coupon?) at participating outlets to redeem the freebie.

They are quoted as getting 5,000 texts and redeeming 2,500 burritos over the 6 weeks of the promotion. If you break that down it’s (working on a 5 day week) its 166 text a day – hats not a huge ask. Interestingly, each text requested by their character Juan was different and allowed the company to track the response of each ‘interview’. They are then able to track the response rates by station, DJ, day part, day etc.

Marketing agency says that the campaign cost less than $50,000. That works about at $20 per redeemed coupon. You would really want the punters to be buying a bit above and beyond to cover some of that. But that’s being a bit cynical and basing the promotions worth on redemption alone. There has to be a huge branding and publicity hit for the company that’s not measured in that. I think it’s a very simple blend of radio and SMS, two media that make a good fit in connecting to a more youth orientated audience. I would like to know was it a simple text message or an actual ‘coupon’ as it was reported in some parts. Some articles did state that the retail staff had to be trained before the promotion, suggestion that it was not a simple swipe of the ‘coupon’. But still, it’s an excellent rise in Q1 sales from a fairly simple promotion. ** I can’t see that being done/put up with here. Would Irish Radio DJ’s interview a ‘commercial character’ and effectively become part of a live advertising campaign? I just don’t see it – at the moment!