Irish Broadband Penetration

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Broadband penetration, according to the OECD stands at 65% of all households. This leaves us behind the Euro 27 Average at 67.3%. Our near neighbour penetration rate stands at over 80% and top slot is taken by Korea (shout I’d assume) at just shy of 100%.

Broadband access


ComReg (data to Q4 2012) on the other hand give us a myriad of stats. We have 1.6m active internet subscriptions. 727k of these are DSL (copper wire to the great unwashed), 306k on Cable broadband, FWS firms at 64k, “Other” which might be satellite etc at 12k and 554k for Mobile subscriptions.

The mobile subscription is really should be call 3G subscriptions. Many of the ‘mobile’ broadband subscriptions are very much ‘fixed’ to a home PC, but it’s just that the service provider is one of the mobile networks so the word mobile, while giving the hint of portability may not be the best choice of words.

Total broadband Market

You can see clearly two things. Firstly the fairly meteoric rise of mobile broadband since 2007 and secondly,  the rate of increase in the market as a whole seems to have slowed over the past two years.  

Broadband Type


DSL Broadband


Mobile Broadband


Cable Broadband


FWA Broadband


Other Broadband


Total Narrowband