Adspend 2009

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Looks like another bad say at the Ad office in 2009. New forecasts by Zenith Optimedia suggesting that worldwide Ad spend will be down by 7% – a drop of almost $31b to $453b. To put that $31b in perspective, it’s about half of the planned total Irish Government expenditure 2009. The only winner is online growing about 8% overall to $54b (display down, search up).

The big losers are newspapers declining by about 12% nearly neck and neck with magazine advertising falling 11%. Unless the traditional media (all formats) actually begin to ‘hunt the money’ and go after the internet audience then they will be in a loose / loose scenario.

They risk money taking flight from their traditional platforms to moving into arenas that some of them haven’t exactly exploited.  They have at their disposal the most valuable commodity on the ‘net – information. All they have to do now is use it.