ABC E Numbers December 2013

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Interesting numbers from the ABC, but this time it’s their ‘e’ numbers. Ever since The Sun went behind the paywall, with moderate success, we’ve kept an eye on web traffic for The Mirror to see how it fairs without that competition.

They’ve had a decent month breaking through the 2m mark, but still a good bit to go catching up with the Guardian and The Mail. But there was some buried information in the ABC release. For the first time it published the numbers for they Mirror’s ‘tablet edition’ – a replica of its print edition, but it’s not an app.

A total of 34,000 people subscribed to its free Monday to Friday version and 5,000 forked out £3.99 for the Weekend edition. Small numbers given that the daily Mirror sells 965,000 ever day (865,000 M-F and 1,154,000 Sat) and 935,000 every Sunday.

Mirror abc dec 2013

But it revealed that 960 individuals have a subscription to the M-F edition for the Irish Mirror which is 0.2% conversion to the Irish Print edition (the UK edition ratio is 4%). And 113 individuals paid the £3.99 for the weekend edition!

Just to take a quick look at the other numbers the ABC published. The mail online is by far the winner with a near 40% increase year on year and a daily reach of over 9m people. It’s only a matter of time when they tailor a solution to monetise that traffic. 

Web Daily  Monthly
Mail Online 9,810,129 161,320,058 4,595,213 85,259,691 2,951,609 60,977,459
Mirror Group Digital 2,023,770 42,880,543 1,355,770 29,894,151 835,980 19,549,963 197,930 4,550,480