JNLR 2012-1 National Listnership

Normally very little happens in the National scene and that follows through again this year.  Radio listenership is up 56,000 and the gains can be attributed to a variety of sources. The National stations are up 46,000, the Regionals up 87,000 and the Locals up 52,000. Naturally there’s a lot of crossover there, but the […]

JNLR Radio Local Listnership 2012-1

The Local listenership also suffered at the hands of the mathematicians when the national population estimates changes from 3,516,000 to 3,608,000.  Station County 12-1 ‘000 12-1 % 11-1 ‘000 11-1 % +/- +/- Mid West Radio Mayo 63 61% 53 51% 10 10% Tipp FM Tipperary 60 48% 53 43% 7 5% South East Radio […]

JNLR Radio Listnership Dublin 2012-1

Dublin radio listenership gained ever so slightly in the last 12 months rising by 19,000 people in the metropolis. But as a straight head count that’s encouraging, but in percentage terms it looks very different. The survey this quarter was altered slightly to reflect the population changes in the capital and the “estimated universe” aka […]