JNLR 2017Q1 Top 30 and Station Programmes

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Looking at the individual programmes not it shows that RTE1 took all the berths in the top five gains table, book on book, with Marion Finucane gaining 28,000 (9%). 

RTE also take all the prizes in the Year on year table with Sean O’Rourke taking the premier position with a gain of 28,000.In the falls, Countrywide took the biggest hit, book on book, with a 11,000 fall and also looking at it on a year on year basis.

Tables: Gains and Falls

Book on Book Gains  2017Q12016Q42016Q1BoB YoY
Marian Finucane11.00-13.00RTE 1 Sun336308325289% 113%
Sean O’Rourke10.00-12.00RTE 1 W/D354332326227% 289%
Saturday Sport14.00-18.00RTE 1 Sat1841631902113% -6-3%
Tubridy09.00-10.00RTE 1 W/D336323322134% 144%
Ray D’Arcy15.00-16.30RTE 1 W/D226213217136% 94%
Year on Year Gains2017Q12016Q42016Q1BoBYoY
Sean O’Rourke10.00-12.00RTE 1 W/D354332326227% 289%
Tubridy09.00-10.00RTE 1 W/D336323322134% 144%
Playback09.00-10.00RTE 1 Sat28828327452% 145%
Marian Finucane11.00-13.00RTE 1 Sun336308325289% 113%
Ronan Collins12.00-13.00RTE 1 W/D22921721912  105%
Book on Book Falls2017Q12016Q42016Q1BoBYoY
Countrywide08.00-09.00RTE 1 Sat187198212-11-6% -25-12%
Morning Ireland07.00-09.00RTE 1 W/D441448460-7-2% -19-4%
Phil Cawley11.00-14.00Today Sat141148149-7-5% -8-5%
Sunday Miscellany09.00-10.00RTE 1 Sun246253239-7-3% 73%
Matt Cooper16.30-19.00Today W/D130132132-2-2% -2-2%
Year on Year Falls2017Q12016Q42016Q1BoBYoY
Countrywide08.00-09.00RTE 1 Sat187198212-11-6% -25-12%
This Week13.00-14.00RTE 1 Sun19419121832% -24-11%
Morning Ireland07.00-09.00RTE 1 W/D441448460-7-2% -19-4%
News at One13.00-13.45RTE 1 W/D33533235031% -15-4%
The Business10.00-11.00RTE 1 Sat29629631000% -14-5%

In the Top thirty list RTE manages to take 20 of the 30 slots. Today take 6 with 2FM and Newstalk sharing the rest. The fight for the top spot, held by Morning Ireland with at 47,000 lead, is much as it was last book. Although the gap between first and second has closed a little.

 Table: Top 30

    2017Q12016Q42016Q1BoB YoY
1Morning Ireland07.00-09.00RTE 1 W/D441448460-7-2% -19-4%
2Liveline13.45-15.00RTE 1 W/D39438739172% 31%
3Marian Finucane11.00-13.00RTE 1 Sat382372393103% -11-3%
4Sean O’Rourke10.00-12.00RTE 1 W/D354332326227% 289%
5Tubridy09.00-10.00RTE 1 W/D336323322134% 144%
6Marian Finucane11.00-13.00RTE 1 Sun336308325289% 113%
7News at One13.00-13.45RTE 1 W/D33533235031% -15-4%
8The Business10.00-11.00RTE 1 Sat29629631000% -14-5%
9Playback09.00-10.00RTE 1 Sat28828327452% 145%
10Miriam O’Callaghan10.00-11.00RTE 1 Sun256245256114% 00%
11Sunday Miscellany09.00-10.00RTE 1 Sun246253239-7-3% 73%
12Drivetime16.30-19.00RTE 1 W/D24123824031% 10%
13Claire Byrne13.00-14.00RTE 1 Sat23022223884% -8-3%
14Ronan Collins12.00-13.00RTE 1 W/D229217219126% 105%
15Ray D’Arcy15.00-16.30RTE 1 W/D226213217136% 94%
16This Week13.00-14.00RTE 1 Sun19419121832% -24-11%
17Countrywide08.00-09.00RTE 1 Sat187198212-11-6% -25-12%
18Sport14.00-18.00RTE 1 Sat1841631902113% -6-3%
19Sunday Sport14.00-18.00RTE 1 Sun183173178106% 53%
20Dermot and Dave09.00-12.00Today W/D176164175127% 11%
21Breakfast Republic06.00-10.002FM W/D167154162138% 53%
22Ian Dempsey07.00-09.00Today W/D16716718000% -13-7%
23World Report08.00-09.00RTE 1 Sun15114916021% -9-6%
24Pat Kenny09.00-12.00Newstalk W/D14814712611% n/cn/c
25Phil Cawley11.00-14.00Today Sat141148149-7-5% -8-5%
26Nicky Byrne10.00-13.002FM W/D13913114386% -4-3%
27Alison Curtis08.00-11.00Today Sat13813714911% -11-7%
28Matt Cooper16.30-19.00Today W/D130132132-2-2% -2-2%
29Newstalk Drive16.00-19.00Newstalk W/D13013013600% n/cn/c
30Al Porter12.00-14.30Today W/D12211511776% 54%


 Station Programmes


ProgrammeTime2017Q12016Q42016Q1BoB YoY
Morning Ireland07.00-09.00441448460-7-2% -19-4%
Tubridy09.00-10.00336323322134% 144%
Sean O’Rourke10.00-12.00354332326227% 289%
Ronan Collins12.00-13.00229217219126% 105%
News at One13.00-13.4533533235031% -15-4%
Liveline13.45-15.0039438739172% 31%
Ray D’Arcy15.00-16.30226213217136% 94%
Drivetime16.30-19.0024123824031% 10%


The only slippage was Morning Ireland and News at One, but the rest of the day saw healthy gains particularly 9:00 to 1:00. Sean O’ Rourke had the biggest leap at 7% and Ray D’Arcy and Ronan Collins at 6% growth.



ProgrammeTime2017Q12016Q42016Q1BoB YoY
Breakfast Republic06.00-10.00167154162138% 53%
Jenny Greene10.00-13.0013913114386% -4-3%
Tracy Clifford13.00-16.0011911312165% -2-2%
Eoghan Mc Dermot16.00-19.0011311011333% 00%
Game On19.00-20.0022212015% 210%


On the face of it, nationally, they show increases across the day, with big gains in Breakfast Republic. It masks the poor performance in Dublin.


Today FM

ProgrammeTime2017Q12016Q42016Q1BoB YoY
Ian Dempsey07.00-09.0016716718000% -13-7%
Dermot and Dave09.00-12.00176164175127% 11%
Al Porter12.00-14.3012211511776% 54%
Fergal D’Arcy14.30-16.30113103911010% 2224%
Matt Cooper16.30-19.00130132132-2-2% -2-2%


Again, like 2FM, the veneer is covering the cracks. Only one faller, book on book, is Matt Cooper down 2,000. The characters behind the schedules changed between quarters. The 12,000 increase between nine and twelve has a good dose of Anton Savage in there having been on the chair up to December.



ProgrammeTime2017Q12016Q42016Q1BoB YoY
Newstalk Breakfast07.00-09.00116122164-6-5% n/cn/c
Pat Kenny Show09.00-12.0014814712611% n/cn/c
High Noon*12.00-14.0097957522% n/cn/c
Moncrieff*14.00-16.0076651151117% n/cn/c
Newstalk Drive*16.00-19.0013013013600% n/cn/c


No direct comparison with the previous year, but book on book was good bar the breakfast. Moncrieff had a very decent quarter up 17%.

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