JNLR 2016Q4 Cork Listenership

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Radio listenership in Cork remained at 82% but fell in absolute numbers to 339,000 down 2,000 on the last book and down from 84% (-7,000) on the year.

The two incumbent Cork stations dropped marginally book on book falling 3,000 each since the last survey. Red FM is still the largest station with 117,000 listeners but that’s down 16,000 in last year. 96FM in second place at 106,000 also saw a fall from the previous year of 7,000.

RTE1 dropped 5% on the previous book which was the biggest fall in Cork. Stalemate 2FM managed to a 7% increase (from a low base). Today, 4FM and Newstalk also saw declines book on book.

Table: Cork Listenership

 Year on Year Book on Book
 16Q415Q4+/-% 16Q3+/-+/-
Any Radio33982%34684%-7-2% 34182%-2-1%
Cork’s Red FM11728%13332%-16-12% 12029%-3-3%
Cork’s 96FM10626%11327%-7-6% 10926%-3-3%
RTE Radio 110124%10124%00% 10626%-5-5%
C1037418%6516%914% 7318%11%
RTE 2FM4711%348%1338% 4411%37%
Today FM4411%4912%-5-10% 4411%00%
4FM4010%4411%-4-9% 399%13%
Newstalk389%4210%-4-10% 399%-1-3%
RTE Lyric FM215%164%531% 184%317%

Graphic: Cork Reach

cork 16q4

A quick look at the underlying stations for the Cork stations

Table: Cork Stations

C10316Q316Q3+/- ‘000+/- %
Music Breakfast2930-1-3%
Cork Today4647-1-2%
C103 Drivetime3027311%
96FM16Q316Q3+/- ‘000+/- %
Nick Richards4041-1-2%
The Opinion Line636035%
Ken Tobin555148%
Big Drive Home333300%
Red FM16Q316Q3+/- ‘000+/- %
The KC Show4143-2-5%
Neil Prendeville6364-1-2%
Red Hits5254-2-4%
Dave Mac’s Drive514836%

PJ and Prenderville are neck and neck in this book at 63,000 each. 

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