JNLR 2016Q3 Dublin Listenership

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Like the National picture, the Dublin one is dominated by the downturn in the overall radio listenership down to 77% or 800,000 people every day. This is down four points on the previous year and down 16,000 listeners on the previous book. The trend graphic is a stark picture of a declining listenership in the capital.

Out of the thirteen stations in Dublin, only three managed an increased book on book figure and only two compared to twelve months ago.

RTE1, 98FM and TXFM were the only stations to add numbers book on book which can’t be the most positive thing for Dublin Radio. From a research perspective, the sample sizes were the same in bothe books so there’s no parachute there.

RTE1 still dominates with 297,000 listeners (28%) up fractionally at 1,000 listeners on the last book but down 5,000 on the year.

The biggest faller in numbers this book was FM104, down 14,000 to 174,000 on the book and a 20,000 drop in the year. This was followed by Newstalk down 10,000 (-6%) to 144,000 and down 26,000 one the previous year. Today FM fell by 9,000 to 70,000 in the capital and this drops them below Q102 and into 7th spot.

2FM lost a further 12% (7,000) to move to 51,000 listeners. It shunts them below Sunshine for the first time and pushes them into 9th position in Dublin. Spin fell 7,000 to 133,000 and dropped 14,000 during the year.

 Year On Year Book on Book
 2016Q32015Q3+/-+/-Ch 2016Q2+/-+/-Ch
Any Radio80077%82981%-29-4%-3% 81678%-16-1%-2%
RTE Radio 129728%30230%-5-2%-2% 29628%10%0%
FM 10417417%19419%-20-2%-10% 18818%-14-1%-7%
Newstalk14414%17017%-26-3%-15% 15415%-10-1%-6%
Spin 103813313%14714%-14-1%-10% 14013%-70%-5%
98FM11811%10610%121%11% 11511%30%3%
Q102727%899%-17-2%-19% 767%-40%-5%
Today FM707%949%-24-2%-26% 798%-9-1%-11%
RTE Lyric FM575%555%20%4% 596%-2-1%-3%
Sunshine 106.8555%576%-2-1%-4% 575%-20%-4%
RTE 2FM515%747%-23-2%-31% 586%-7-1%-12%
Radio Nova 100FM515%626%-11-1%-18% 575%-60%-11%
Classic Hits 4FM293%333%-40%-12% 323%-30%-9%
TXFM192%202%-10%-5% 162%30%19%

 dub reach


dub reach a

 reach b tx


Graphic: Dublin Shares

 d shares a

d shares b

 Table: Dublin Shares

 Year On Year Book on Book
 16Q315Q3+/- 16Q3+/-
RTE Radio 135.5%34.0%1.5% 34.6%0.9%
FM10410.7%11.0%-0.3% 11.4%-0.7%
Newstalk9.4%10.4%-1.0% 9.8%-0.4%
Dublin’s 98FM7.8%6.2%1.6% 6.9%0.9%
Spin 10386.0%7.0%-1.0% 6.1%-0.1%
Q1025.7%6.1%-0.4% 5.9%-0.2%
Sunshine 106.85.2%4.4%0.8% 5.2%0.0%
Today FM4.6%5.9%-1.3% 4.9%-0.3%
RTE Lyric FM3.6%3.1%0.5% 3.8%-0.2%
RTE 2FM3.5%4.1%-0.6% 3.8%-0.3%
Nova 100FM3.4%3.8%-0.4% 3.7%-0.3%
Classic Hits 4FM2.4%2.3%0.1% 2.3%0.1%
TXFM1.1%0.8%0.3% 0.7%0.4%

Dublin: Top 20

Marian FinucaneRTE 1 Sat11.00-13.00161163179-2-18
Morning IrelandRTE 107.00-09.00158165167-7-9
Marian FinucaneRTE 1 Sun11.00-13.001431421531-10
Sean O’RourkeRTE 110.00-12.00137138147-1-10
The BusinessRTE 1 Sat10.00-11.001291231306-1
LivelineRTE 113.45-15.00124127116-38
Ryan TubridyRTE 109.00-10.00120126125-6-5
News At OneRTE 113.00-13.45111117117-6-6
PlaybackRTE 1 Sat09.00-10.001031031200-17
Sunday MiscellanyRTE 1 Sun09.00-10.0010390711332
Miriam O’CallaghanRTE 1 Sun10.00-11.0099951084-9
Ronan CollinsRTE 112.00-13.00899197-2-8
Claire ByrneRTE 1 Sat13.00-14.0086851131-27
This WeekRTE 1 Sun13.00-14.0085771118-26
DrivetimeRTE 116.30-19.00838586-2-3
The 10-3 ShowFM10410.00-15.00828987-7-5
Strawberry AlarmFM10406.00-10.00728086-8-14
Steve KSpin14.45-18.45727991-7-19
CountrywideRTE 1 Sat08.00-09.00716169102
SportRTE 1 Sun14.00-18.00695663136

The top twenty above show that RTE1 have seventeen of the top twenty slots. A second interesting fact is that only four of the time slots have increased year on year but eight have done so book on book. 

Dublin: Station Programmes

Taken a few Dublin programmes, outside the ones that will show up in other tables, and given a rundown of their performance over a few books

RTE 1 W/DMorning Ireland07.00-09.00158165167-7-9
RTE 1 W/DTubridy09.00-10.00120126125-6-5
RTE 1 W/DSean O’Rourke10.00-12.00137138147-1-10
RTE 1 W/DRonan Collins12.00-13.00899197-2-8
RTE 1 W/DNews at One13.00-13.45111117117-6-6
RTE 1 W/DLiveline13.45-15.00124127116-38
RTE 1 W/DRay D’Arcy15.00-16.30656766-2-1
RTE 1 W/DDrivetime16.30-19.00838586-2-3
2FM W/DBreakfast Republic06.00-10.00293440-5-11
2FM W/DNicky Byrne10.00-13.00222530-3-8
2FM W/DTracy Clifford13.00-16.00141918-5-4
2FM W/DEoghan Mc Dermot16.00-19.00131520-2-7
2FM W/DGame On19.00-20.00122-1-1
Today W/DIan Dempsey07.00-09.00353841-3-6
Today W/DAnton Savage09.00-12.00232941-6-18
Today W/DDermot and Dave12.00-14.30131521-2-8
Today W/DLouise Duffy14.30-16.301413191-5
Today W/DMatt Cooper16.30-19.00252929-4-4
Newstalk W/DBreakfast 07.00-09.00477586  
Newstalk W/DPat Kenny09.00-12.00655758  
Newstalk W/DLunchtime12.00-14.00433334  
Newstalk W/DMoncrieff14.00-16.00234544  
Newstalk W/DThe Right Hook16.00-19.00475161  
Newstalk W/DOff the Ball19.00-22.0017151621
FM104The 10-3 Show10.00-15.00828987-7-5
FM104The Jam15.00-19.00646872-4-8
FM104The Takeover19.00-21.00111214-1-3
FM104FM104 Phoneshow21.00-01.00202633-6-13
98Big Breakfast07.00-10.0041393724
98Dublin Talks10.00-12.0040383327
98Barry Dunne12.00-16.00505147-13
98The Big Ride Home16.00-19.0033333201
98The Fix19.00-21.006812-2-6
102Dave Harrington06.00-10.00272923-2 
102Liam Coburn10.00-14.00313644-5 
102Aidan Cooney14.00-17.00303347-3 
102Drive @517.00-19.0023212320
102The Love Zone19.00-00.001111120-1
SpinFully Charged06.45-09.4546464501
SpinSpin Hits09.45-12.4533333300
SpinSpin Talk12.45-14.45363940-3-4
SpinSteve K14.45-18.45727991-7-19
SpinThe Zoo Crew18.45-21.00252630-1-5
SpinTotal Request Live21.00-00.00101217-2-7


Pj & Damian06.00-10.0013
Jim Mccabe Show10.00-13.0010
Niall Boylan Show13.00-15.0011
Gareth O’Callaghan15.00-19.0014
Trina Mara19.00-21.003
Dee & Marty06.00-10.0019
Greg Gaughran10.00-14.0020
Pat Courtenay14.00-19.0029
Nova Drive19.00-00.007
Sunshine Breakfast06.00-10.0015
Sunshine Workday10.00-14.0028
More Music Drive14.00-19.0036
Mellow Moments19.00-01.007
TXFM Breakfast07.00-11.007
TXFM Daytime11.00-15.006
TXFM Drive15.00-19.0010
Sound Atlas19.00-22.002

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