ABC Newspaper Circulation April 2021

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The only interesting point about this months numbers is that they are nearly level with this month last year – which ins a rapidly declining market is unusual. The Mirror and Daily Star are showing an increase on the previous year and even the FT is showing an increase on the previous year.

TitleApr-21Mar-21Apr-20M/MY/Y% M/M% Y/Y
Daily Mirror23,50523,60722,535-1029700%4%
Daily Record
Irish Daily Star32,96034,07932,212-1,119748-3%2%
The Sun
Daily Express1,6231,4871,4531361709%12%
Irish Daily Mail22,29022,73222,365-442-75-2%0%
Financial Times1,7861,7821,64841380%8%
The Guardian1,7171,6821,73835-212%-1%
The Times
Daily Star - Sunday7,6415,9019,5041,740-1,86318%-20%
Sun on Sunday
Sunday Mail
Sunday Mirror17,91417,84417,88670280%0%
The People6,3415,9136,411428-707%-1%
Sunday Express2,1051,6742,480431-37517%-15%
Sunday Post
Mail on Sunday53,03952,38251,8606571,1791%2%
The Observer4,2314,1234,157108743%2%
Sunday Times

There was an interesting and honest interview with Marc Vangeel chief executive of Mediahuis Ireland in the Sunday Times on Sunday (16/05). In it, he discussed the name change, the drive to digital (40,000 digital subs was quoted) and the current circulation of the papers. This where we strayed into the ‘muddy waters’ lane with the line “the group sells about 300,000 newspapers across all its brands at the weekend”. OK then! Looking at the last audited figure and some back of the napkin sums suggest that the ‘weekend bundle’ are still travelling at a -10% trajectory each year.

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